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Glazing Service

Navan uPVC & Aluminium Ltd. offers a wide variety of glass. We only use the most energy efficient, designed to save you money on your heating bills by providing extra insulation.


There are many types of glass you can choose from. We want to make sure that you get exactly what you need, which is why we always give you choice.

High Insulation

All our glass offers improved insulation, meaning you get the added advantage of saving money on your heating bills. Ensure that your home is comfortable all year round.

Added Security

All our glass is extremely tough, which offers you added security against intruders. Laminated and toughened glass will also mean that your glass will not smash easily.

Feature Glass

Our range of decorative glass means that you can truly make your windows your own. Choose from crystal cut, leaded glass etc.

Triple Glazing

At Navan uPVC & Aluminium Ltd., we use energy efficient triple glazing . All our glass can be tailored to suit you. Triple glazing offers added insulation, decrease in heating bills and great sound insulation.


Rating U-Value Glass
A 0.8 Triple Glazing
A 1.0 Triple Glazing
A 1.1 Triple Glazing (Standard)
NA 1.2 Double Glazing
A 1.4 Double Glazing (Standard)
A 1.5 Double Glazing